I am delighted to be speaking about Eldercaring Coordination, along with the talented mediator & family counselor Resa Eisen, at the 21st Annual Trusts and Estates Summit hosted by the Law Society of Ontario. This year’s Summit will be at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, on October 10 and 11.

The October 10th program will be chaired by Clare Burns and Douglas Skinner and Resa and I will be presenting on the topic “What can parenting co-ordination teach us about de-escalating intergenerational family conflict?”

Resa and I are both working towards bringing the Eldercaring Coordination (“ECC”) pilot project to Toronto, and are excited to be able to spread the word about this alternative model for resolving disputes involving the care and interests of older adults.

ECC is an initiative of the Association for Conflict Resolution Elder Justice Initiative.  The goal of the project is to reduce family conflict, minimize the risk of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.  Conflicts around care-giving and decision-making often bring up past hurts, wounds and unresolved feelings between family members. When less intrusive options for disputes have failed (such as case management, family meetings or mediation), high conflict families must resort to the court system for what are often a complex mixture of non-legal problems. ECC offers an opportunity to deepen the capacity of high conflict families to resolve non-legal issues outside of the court room. the preliminary results of pilot projects in the U.S., which have been underway since 2016, are that families are achieving fewer and shorter delays in making medical treatment decisions, developing person-centered care plans which can be submitted to the court for approval, increasing the safety of older adults.

Training of Eldercaring Coordinators to assist with cases in Toronto is set for November, and it is hoped that referrals will be available early in 2019.  To learn more about this pilot project come here Resa and I speak on October 10, and stay tuned to this blog for more updates.

The full agendas for both days of the Summit can be found here: